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: Unyte Invest Launches, Underpinning the Unyte Capital Group


Today the group vision becomes one step closer.

Warrington, August 29th, 2019 — Unyte Invest Ltd. are part of the Unyte Group, specialising throughout every level of the Industrial Hemp and Cannabis markets in the UK and Europe.

Congratulations to Unyte Invest, who are now a fully regulated FCA credit broker.

Invest was initially formed to support the growth of the UK and European industrial Hemp and Cannabis markets and help grow the Unyte Capital Group. But quickly evolved into several key market sectors. Including; Agriculture, the Motor trade, General Business, Leisure and the Haulage industry.

Unyte Invest’s Managing Director, Paul Wright, comments “We have worked with a number of credit brokers on this journey, prior to gaining our full FCA license, but they just didn’t get what our business was about and the huge opportunity the Hemp market represents. Because of this, it led to lenders failing to do business.

In our eyes there was only one thing to do and that was to create something new. The fact that we know the lending markets well and understand the Hemp and Cannabis markets meant we can correctly position and present to our lenders the correct information. Representing our customers better and breaking down the stigma the market currently holds. Coupled with our business model we present a strong and compliant solution helping eliminate risk, which is good for everyone”.

Unyte Invest specifically aim their service at dealer level in these sectors to provide an unparalleled, bespoke service to them. Unyte’s Agri business is Farmer led and supports in more detail the wider Unyte Group business. However, the team are more than geared up for doing personal business too.

Group CEO, Garry Stevens Smith, commented “Having created Unyte Invest this is another milestone in developing a wider Hemp and Cannabis marketplace in the UK. It’s integral part to the overall Unyte vision unlocking the world of lending in this market is key for it to grow. Whilst also being able to help fund our own plans as well as our partners businesses is vital to be able to offer them a turn-key solution. Whilst underpinning our growth strategy in developing ‘Hemp Hubs’ across the UK, working with local farmers on a co-operative basis”.

The story continues to unfold throughout 2019. For more information visit or contact; Paul Wright at