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  1. Farm Industrial Hemp with Unyte
    Farm Industrial Hemp with Unyte
  2. Unyte can help you monetise Hemp
    Unyte can help you monetise Hemp

Industrial Hemp

Unyte Invest is part of the Unyte Capital Group of companies, specialising and working at every level throughout the Industrial Hemp market.

Unyte Invest is the investment arm of the Unyte Group that can literally fund anything. Be this a business purchase, cash flow finance, asset finance, property finance, land, Research & Development, a product concept or even a ‘start-up’ business.

For a considerable time, the group has been preparing and positioning itself within key areas of the industry in order to take advantage of the ever-evolving Industrial Hemp market. The Unyte Group consists of a collection of specialists with an unrivalled knowledge right across the industry; including key industry leaders, agronomists, engineers, designers and researchers, Doctors and pharmacists.

With Unyte Invest, we understand the finance market, especially how it relates to the embryonic UK Hemp market; the Hemp supply chain, the products and the businesses that are developing around this industry and ultimately the great potential of what Hemp can do, for the environment and the economy as a whole.

Working with Unyte Invest and other elements of the group, we can help you or your business to develop and grow. We can fund things directly ourselves, or we have access to a myriad of diverse funders, which are flexible on what they fund or open to a strong business plan, just as much as a strong balance sheet.

We don’t just specialise in the Hemp market – we can consider anything, on a case by case basis.

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