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  1. Breaking the mould!
    Breaking the mould!
  2. Does your broker go that extra mile?
    Does your broker go that extra mile?
  3. Unyte, a different way of looking at things!
    Unyte, a different way of looking at things!
  4. We have the Vision & Focus to make it happen!
    We have the Vision & Focus to make it happen!

Welcome to Unyte Invest – Your Personal Business Finance Partner

Many finance brokers promise to get you the best price, the best solution or deliver the best service.

As business owners with many years of experience of looking for finance and help, we’ve heard it all before. Unfortunately, when push comes to shove, most brokers fail to deliver on those promises.

We thought we could do it better and provide something that is exactly ‘what it says on the tin’. That’s why we created Unyte Invest!

We offer a simple, honest and straight forward promise to always do what’s best for you and take a real interest in getting to know your business.

Working in the world of finance we understand how critical a ‘yes’ actually is.

Whatever you need be it a new truck, tractor, trailer, car, motorhome, phone or computer system, caravan, mortgage or a bridging loan, we’ll have a solution for all of your personal and business needs.

We don’t see you as a one-off customer, with just one requirement; we see you as a partner, for life. We know that, if we get it right and exceed your expectations, we’ll all live happily ever after and you will call on us when you need help in the future.

Unyte is built around several key market sectors, but not limited to. Including; Agriculture, the Motor trade, General Business, Leisure and the Haulage industry. We’re always up for a challenge with something new!

We aim our service specifically at dealers in these sectors and provide an unparalleled, tailored service to them. Our Agri business is Farmer led and supports in more detail the wider Unyte Group business. However, we are more than geared up for doing personal business too.

Unyte Invest can provide Asset Finance Products (AF), Leasing (L), Finance Leases (FL), Operating Leases (OL) including Hire Purchase (HP), Personal Contract Hire (PCP), Lease Purchase (LP) and Contract Hire (CH).